This is my first attempt to write something other than school assignment.


Well I don’t know the rest of the world but I know that the part of the world I live men don’t cry.

Seriously why? I don’t know.

From the childhood your parents teach that men don’t cry. This is kind of social input which I think coming from ages, generations to generations.

As a child you fall had a cut, or scratch first thing you do is cry and first thing they do is give first aid and then they say you are a boy stop crying, don’t be a girl.

Seriously why?  Is crying is girl thing?

By teens this crying gets into your blood, and you try to not to cry in public. And whenever you want to you try to do it in your cocoon while no one watching, at least.

Seriously why?

As you grow you forget about this whole crying issue, but for once in a while I think we try to while watching a tragedy movie, or a heart touching scene, still these don’t qualify the criteria of crying whole heartedly.

Seriously why?

Then comes these things in life like marriages, kids, jobs, their education and continuous rat race makes you forget about any issues other than the rat race. Other than once in a while when your favorite team wins in a favorite game either world cup or something like that. But even these won’t qualify to compete with your counterparts. In the mean process you knowingly or unknowingly teach the same unsaid   rules about crying to your son and daughter, I know there is no special interest in doing so but it just happens.

Seriously why?

Further your kids get their wings and they fly free in their own world, and whenever they do so your wife (your counterpart) freely cries either it is a happy or sad moment in their or your life. You still unaware of the situation, live in your own determined world of not crying and not thinking of it.

I’ve even seen in the later stages when your wife is either dead or on hospital beds counting their minutes and seconds. Men are left alone they try to cry but in vain, and the distant voices they hear saying that these men don’t even cry for their wives for even once.

Seriously why?