Other side

Other side

We coin concepts and we use them to analyse and explain nature and society. But we seem to forget, midway, that these concepts are our own constructs and start equating them with reality.
Abdolkarim Soroush




The Other Side

Reflection 2


This is the second in reflection series. The two sides of our day

Hello world!

The above is one of the series I’m working on called “REFLECTION”. Everything what we see, do, feel have other side of it, some may call it good or bad but I would say it as the OTHER SIDE, like the life has death and death has life, death is not bad death is┬ánecessarily an important element.

This is my first post from my regular doodles. Doodles are like integral part of me from my childhood, in the class room, in the home and when ever wherever.At this stage people see and think it is a childish me doing doodles, but they really bring out the best in me.